BRXTN is an American hip hop recording artist making a name for himself and becoming known for his cult like movement. The internet has been raving about this new artist who was discovered in Louisville, Kentucky and continues to connect with listeners who feel as though his music doesn't fall in to any one genre. BRXTN is a dedicated musician, perfectionist and his story-telling capabilities make him an artist to watch for. 


On April 17, 1990 the world was introduced to a unique soul by the name of Chase Heinze. His passion for music rooted from his earlier childhood as he was caught singing numerous times by fellow peers. Throughout his school years he was exposed to an abundance of Oldies and R&B because of his mothers taste for music. At age 18 he was kicked out of his home to then start his journey of growing up to become a man.         


Roman Lane is an American photographer and filmmaker born in Huntsville, Alabama. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky he is the sole owner of Roman Lane Films. Roman Lane specializes in capturing high quality music video, commercial video and assists in numerous fashion projects as well as live sets. He has helped a growing number of emerging musicians, entertainers and creative brands construct a vision that aligns with his commitment to quality and capturing the beauty of every real moment he spends with his clients. 


Artem Rubanovich; who is more known by his moniker Jeames has been making waves with his abilities as a top notch producer and singer all-the-while etching his name in the world of music as a star songwriter in the making. Based in Moscow, Russia, Jeames originally garnered attention after releasing his debut single 'Young Stoner Love' which Jeames exclusively produced himself. Jeames tells stories with his music and tells them in a way that allows the listener to picture the exact setting he found himself in when he wrote it.