Z Bangz: A Rising Star In The Making

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Zhianti McKinney; who is more known by his moniker Z Bangz has been making waves with his abilities as an emcee all-the-while etching his name in the world of music as a star in the making. Based in Cleveland, OH, Z Bangz has been hard at work elevating his craft and more recently decided to take things a little more seriously with his music biz using his unique experiences in hip-hop and freestyle to produce and create honest music synonymous with only himself. With his eye's wide open and the mission clear 'Z Bangz' has already begun the process of taking the state of Cleveland and beyond by storm. We got to sit down with 'Zhianti' for an interview. Here's what he had to say:

Z Bangz (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and answer some fan related questions Z Bangz."

Z Bangz - No problem thank you for having me

Rep - Okay lets get right in to it

1. Do you remember your first time in the studio? Tell us about it.

Yes, my first time in the studio was when I was 14 years old. My uncle asked me to record at his studio after I rapped a freestyle at a birthday party and he loved it so much that he asked me to drop it. The first song I recorded was called 'Momma I Got You'.

2. There's rumors going around that your working on an upcoming project. Tell us about it.

Lol, yes I'm actually working on a new project called 'The New Dictionary'. The reason for that name was inspired by a song I recently released titled 'Picadelly', which as you may or may not know is a made up word. I made it up myself and started thinking... What if I created an entire project with track names I make up myself, hence the name 'The New Dictionary'.

3. Your first single 'Picadelly' was a great introduction to your sound. What can new fans expect from the new project 'The New Dictionary'.

A lot more made up words but that have meaning. They can expect for me to deliver some of the best and most thought provoking bars I've delivered to date. More freestyles and as Drake would say 'More Tunes For Your Head Top', lol. 

4. As of today one of your popular releases was your version to a remix of a song called 'Jimmy Choos' and you also gave fans an official music video for it. Has the process of creating visuals for your music had an effect on your writing or thought process when creating your music?

Yes, creating visuals have elevated my writing and freestyling I would say because of the fact that now that I understand the process of getting a written idea across via a motion picture format it inspires me to not only stay realistic in my music but to push the envelope when it comes to my story-telling.

5. Tell us about the video and the song for those who haven't seen it yet. What is the song about and how is that portrayed in the visual.

In the video I would say it wasn't really a specific topic so to speak. My goal in creating the remix and putting an official music visual behind it was to show the world my abilities as a rapper. So you'll hear a lot of punchlines, fast rap and the real Z Bangz.

6. Jimmy Choos Remix - is your first official video - now that its complete would you do anything differently in your next videos?

My next official video will be for Picadelly. After having my first experience in a music video for a remix I would definitely say my next video would be more precise and I would take advantage of setting a scene based on the words used in the song. So for Picadelly I would imagine the setting being a vibe at a Penthouse party. So party vibes for sure!

7. Tell us about the producers you have been working with. Who can we expect to hear from on the new EP?

A lot of producers hit me up to work with me. I send them to a few resources where they can send me music and if it's a good fit for me I reach out and start the collaborative process from there. So far the biggest producer who has sent me beats to work on was Metro Boomin. I also work with a hometown producer by the name of Kahlel. He's dope!

8. Your currently based in Cleveland, Ohio - what has your hometown done for you and other aspiring artists?

Well I was recently on the radio for my song Picadelly 'Z107.9' so I would say there are definitely opportunities here. There's like an eagerness to find the next big thing, especially since the rise of artists like Ray Junior and Machine Gun Kelly. There's talent here. So it's all about coming together collectively to put the best artists on to rep the city.

9. Do you have any fears about this music industry? How would you take someone pushing you towards a different direction with your music.

Well my biggest fear would be not working hard enough to really take my career to the major industry. My goal is to make it the biggest way possible and not making it is my biggest fear. As far as creative direction I'm willing to try it, but if it wasn't working out for me I would prefer to really just do me. I want to stay as original and true to self as possible.

10. Describe today's music industry if you can in just a single word.

I'd say fake. There's a lot of rappers being shoved in to peoples faces because of the entertainment factor not necessarily off of their talent. It doesn't seem like artists are really trying anymore, like they lost their creativity I guess and the passion is gone. It's too forced.

11. Describe your perfect listener with just a single word. What are they like?

They would be 'active'. I encourage my fans to engage with me and literally be a part of my life, my come up and my passion. I encourage my fans to dance to my songs and send me videos or even give them opportunities to hang out with me for a day. So active is the word.

12. Give us a random fact about Z Bangz - that people don't already know.

Well I really like Opera. Lol, yeah most people probably wouldn't know that from simply listening to the style of music I make but in the future I hope to incorporate some real instruments and sounds in to my live shows and song productions.

13. Overall - what can current and new music fans expect from Z Bangz in 2017?

They can expect new mixtapes and possibly a new album before the end of this year. I plan to be really active and my pace will only increase as I go along. I have a lot of ideas and concepts I want my current and future music fans to digest. I got to give them the real me and music is a great way to make them understand who I am and what I'm all about.

Z Bangz (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - That concludes all of our fan questions Z Bangz, thank you for staying past your designated time with us and we wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work!

Z Bangz - No worries man - and again I thank you for having me.