YBE Zeus - 6 Below

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Listen to 6 Below by YBE Zeus on BTRU Entertainment! More and more artist are becoming conscious of topics that are troubling every ounce of our daily lives. Rapper YBE Zeus is also bothered by many subjects and things that came up in his life. But he is using his love for music and his talent for rhyming to weigh in on those subjects. His brand new track 6 Below isn't meant to scale charts and be catchy. His only mission seems to be to touch someone's heart that is listening and spread change. This track is actually a collection of tracks that tell an emotional tale. It speaks on everything, and it's coming from a good place in an artist that isn't worried about being famous, but more worried about touching lives. This vivid detail is definitely worth the listen. Connect with this artist and stream more from them on SoundCloud.

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