WiseGuys Entertainment - Mike Harr


Listen to Mike Harr by WiseGuys Entertainment on BTRU Entertainment! Out of Wilmington, North Carolina, hip hop group WiseGuys Entertainment are bound to be the next group to strike it big. This talented couple is one that feeds off of the energy of one another. Their song, Mike Harr, is actually a track they named after a close friend, who after many years of struggle, bounced back and became very successful. There are plenty of rap groups who claim to be the best in the game but WiseGuys Entertainment is providing solidified proof to why they should be considered rulers of the music kingdom. Chemistry in rap music is a top notch element, and the chemistry that is presented in Mike Harr is one of the most compelling and unforgettable displays of a chart topper. Connect with this amazing group and stream more from them on SoundCloud.

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