Trillo $kywalker - STFUBIDGAF

Trillo Skywalker

Listen to STFUBIDGAF by Trillo $kywalker on BTRU Entertainment. Rapper Trillo $kywalker is a new cutting edge artist, trying to be the one to make a difference in a music industry that seems to not appreciate honest rap. His new track, STFUBIDGAF, is an insanely infectious new track with it's catchy hook and braggadocious lyrics that all tie in together to make this track golden. The production grabs at your attention with it's immaculate bass and gleaming vocals that make this track the winner that it is. Trillo $kywalker may be new to your radar, but growing up in the slums his whole life have made him hungry and un-apologetic. Get familiar with the kid and stream his latest songs on Soundcloud.

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