trapdaddyflex - 'A Star In The Making'

Tiam Iskander; who is more known by his moniker trapdaddyflex has been making waves with his sound all-the-while etching his name in the world of music as a star in the making. Based in Toronto, trapdaddyflex has been hard at work elevating his craft and more recently decided to take things a little more seriously with his music biz using his unique experiences in hip-hop and other genres to produce and create honest music synonymous with only himself. With his eye's wide open and the mission clear 'trapdaddyflex' has already begun the process of taking the state of Toronto and beyond by storm. We got to sit down with 'trapdaddyflex' for an interview. Here's what he had to say:

Trapdaddyflex (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and answer some fan related questions trapdaddyflex."

Trapdaddyflex - No problem thank you for having me

Rep - Okay lets get right in to it

1. Do you remember your first time in the studio? Tell us about it.

Yes, my first time in the studio really elevated my level of creativity due to the fact that an engineer by the name of Dot Okoune who taught me how to try different things and push my sound to new places I hadn't explored.

2. There's rumors going around that your working on an upcoming project. Tell about it.

It's a 20 track album called Unorthodox. There's a lot of trap music, edm as well as club bangers centered around the rap/hip-hop genre. It will be released March 8, 2017. I titled it Unorthodox because of the type of production involved in the project isn't the type of production you would expect a rapper to involve themselves with.

3. Your first single 'Toronto' was great introduction to your sound. What can new fans expect from the new project 'Unorthodox'.

Well the project has a hypnotic sound and can be listened to at virtually any occassion. You can be in a good mood or even sad and I feel as though the music involved in the project will be very uplifting to those who hear it.

4. As of today your most popular recent single is 'Toronto' and you also gave fans an official music video for it. Has the process of creating visuals for your music had an effect on your writing or thought process when creating your music?

Well I started out trying to do everything in-house. From writing to recording and even music videos. When it came down to it I realized that it wasn't in my best interest 'quality-wise' to do everything myself especially with the recording videos and editing the visuals, but after increasing my income I started working with film-makers in my state and it really helped me showcase the visuals I had in my head when I wrote the music.

5. Tell us about the video and the song for those who haven't seen it yet. What is the song about and how is that portrayed in the visual.

Well I was born in Toronto and it has always been my home. I moved away for some time to Hungary but came back for college and have been here ever since. It's such a magnetic city and it inspires my musical thought-process. So in the video I wanted to showcase Toronto but also showcase my life. In my lyrics its always 90% real and 10% imagination so I really wanted to portray that in the visual.

6. Toronto - is your first official video - now that its complete would you do anything differently?

Actually no, I really love how the visual came together and the energy involved
in creating it. The video really met and exceeded my expectations.

7. Tell us about the producers you have been working with. Who can we expect to hear from on the new EP?

The new album will feature Taylor King and Camron Pascal, and the engineer is Dominic Dot Okune of whom worked on a track premiered by Drake at an Amsterdam function. I have one producer (AZARA) that I work with on all my albums and with him we work on productions from scratch and for me its been pretty effective.

8. Your currently based in Toronto, Ontario - what has your hometown done for you and other aspiring artists?

Well the music scene is really jumping in Toronto thanks to platinum selling recording artists like Drake and The Weeknd. I really believe that if I hadn't lived and started my music in Toronto I would not be in the situation I'm in. I've had help from producers and engineers out here who have really inspired me to take music more seriously.

9. Do you have any fears about this music industry? How would you take someone pushing you towards a different direction with your music.

Well my biggest fear would be not working hard enough to really take my career to the major industry. My goal is to make it the biggest way possible and not making it is my biggest fear. As far as direction, I do think everyone's opinion matters but telling me not to do something only makes me want to try it. So pushing my music in a different direction would definitely be met with hesitation.

10. Describe today's music industry if you can in just a single word.

I'd say fake. There's a lot of rappers being shoved in to peoples faces because of the entertainment factor not necessarily off of their talent. For example, Soulja Boy will create beef with other artists for album sales or to stay relevant in the press. I feel like it would be more real if people accept and adhere to the role of being a role model. I don't feel like the industry really cares about the music. I wish the passion for the flow and the love of music was back. People have just been so used to the sound nowadays.

11. Describe your perfect listener with just a single word. What are they like?

They would be 'open-minded'. You have to be open-minded to fully engage with my music. For example I swear a lot and may say things that aren't socially acceptable but this is my story and I am not willing to sugar coat it.

12. Give us a random fact about trapdaddyflex - that people don't already know.

Well I used to be called iamt and up until a few months ago I changed it to trapdaddyflex. The main reason for the change was a change in brand direction.

13. Overall - what can current and new music fans expect from trapdaddyflex in 2017?

I have so much music (8 albums worth) so a lot of new music will be released. Of
course I don't want to be annoying but I have a lot of content that I am looking
to release this year. Either your going to be a fan or your going to hate me either way your going to know me. All I ask is for you to just listen and give me a chance

Trapdaddyflex (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - That concludes all of our fan questions trapdaddyflex, thank you for staying past your designated time with us and we wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work!

Trapdaddyflex - No worries man - and again I thank you for having me.

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