TheRealDjabk - Full Force


Listen to Full Force by TheRealDjabk on BTRU Entertainment! EDM has set the world in an uproar with its infectious style. But it doesn't always have to be about dancing and raging until you sweat profusely. Producer TheRealDjabk, a retired marine, proves that by creating this brand new track Full Force. TheRealDjabk is gearing his mentality towards positivity, and with this track, you can feel it resonate in you. This smooth and tranquil piece shows tremendous potential, with it's attention grabbing style and impressive melodic thumps, but also a new mix of what could be EDM meets alternative funk by blending the instrumentation in the mix. Do not let this artist pass you by on their way to the top. Connect with this amazing Producer and catch more of him on Soundcloud.