TheDeadB3AT - 'A Star In The Making'

ThedeadB3AT (artist/producer), a hip-hop duo comprised of songwriter / emcee James Douglas III and producer JaeL, has been making waves with their sound all-the-while etching their name in the world of music as stars in the making. Based in Georgia, thedeadB3AT has been hard at work for the last 7 years building unique experiences in hip-hop in order to produce and create honest music synonymous with only themselves. With eyes wide open and the mission clear he  has already begun the process of taking the state of Georgia and beyond by storm. We got to sit down with James Douglas III, the emcee behind thedeadB3AT,  for an interview. Here's what he had to say:

The DeadB3at (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and answer some fan related questions DeadB3at."

James - No problem thank you for having me

Rep - Okay lets get right in to it

1. Do you remember your first time in the studio? Tell us about it.

My first experience in the studio was actually when I was an intern at a studio known as the Blue Room. The vibes were next level for me. This is where I learned a lot about music but not just sound but what the daily grind looked like. It's intense and motivating and I have been crafting my own sounds and paving the way ever since.

2. Are you currently working on any upcoming projects?

Yes, besides promoting our debut EP, me and my co-producer are working on an EP called '11 Weeks'.
We will be releasing a single track every week for 11 weeks straight. The overall theme of the project reflects the significance of the number 11 in numerology.

3. That sounds really clever! Your latest single 'She Has A Friend' was a great introduction to your sound. What can fans expect from your upcoming project '11 Weeks?

Well, we have been working very hard and you may not even recognize our sound in comparison with the debut we just released. We have developed our sound even more since then.

4Has creating an official music video for 'She Has A Friend' and the process of creating visuals for your music had an effect on your writing and thought processes when creating it?

Definitely, I always think of a visual for most music and what people may imagine in their head. So I try my best to tell a story that people can relate to. Most of the writing process for me immediately takes me to a visual perspective of what I just wrote considering most things I write about I have personally gone through, or in some cases hope to go through, you know, the dream. 

5. Tell us about the video and the song for those who haven't seen it yet. What is the song about and how is that portrayed in the visual?

The song is about meeting a women and her friend who, well, let's just say they both digging the vibes. The visual for the track is more of an abstract piece, with me being on the run from someone. I wanted to add a layer of depth to it and I feel like I did that by adding mystery and choosing not to show our faces.

6. She Has A Friend was your first official video - would you do anything different?

No, personally I never regret anything that I feel comfortable with releasing
at the time, there were a few things I wasn't able to do or reflect unfortunately
without having a bigger budget. But there isn't anything I would
have done differently that I didn't have the opportunity to reflect.

7. Tell us about the producers we can expect to hear from on the new project.

Everything we do is in-house and original, everything is DIY. So new music listeners can

expect to hear from myself and JaeL.

8. Your currently based in a small town in Georgia - what has your hometown done for you and other artists looking to get in to the same position as you?

There is a lot of talent here but its relatively unknown. There aren't a whole lot of networks that are currently based here to help talent reach the next level, but hopefully we can be catalysts of change for other artists in the area.

9. Do you have any fears about this music industry? How would you take someone pushing you towards a different direction with your music? 

I'm not necessarily scared, I am open to criticism and down for making changes if someone can present it in a way that makes sense and showcases itself as an overall benefit to the vision. But I would like to not have to sacrifice my vision and my artistic integrity. I would also say the new music industry seems like it's in a good state and seeing more artist thrive independently is very encouraging.

10. Describe today's music industry in just one word if you can? 

I would say 'Diverse' because of the fact that indie artists are so empowered
and more today than ever. So with that power, diversity is possible.

11. Describe your perfect listener with just a single word. What are they like?

Loner. I feel like all the loners and deadB3ATs will be able to relate to our vision, to our grind. They may be searching for meaning in their own life or something to get behind, and I believe our music and our story will reflect what they are searching for in a sense. 

12. Give us a random fact about thedeadB3AT - that people don't already know. What would that fact be?

Well I think its important that everyone know that we do everything in-house.
From the production, the engineering, the recording as well as recording the visuals for our music videos.

13. Overall - what can current and new music fans expect from thedeadB3AT in 2017?

I've been writing and rhyming since I was a little kid, and JaeL has been playing music since his pre-teen days. We have waited over 7 years to begin releasing content, and we got plans big plans for 2017. This year we will be releasing a lot of new content, like official music videos, remixes, singles and EP's.  We laying the ground work for the come up in 2017. Be on the lookout. 

14. Last but not least, what encouraged you to get in to making your own music?

When my mom was gone I would just grab my guitar and write, ya know? Just air it out. Music has been my release since a little kid and I wish to provide some type of inspiration to someone else. Music was a gateway for me, it got me through days and nights. It was like my medicine, and I feel it can be used as a tool to help others. 

TheDeadB3at (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - That concludes all of our fan questions DeadB3at, thank you for staying past your designated time with us and we wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work!

DeadB3at - No worries man - and again I thank you for having me.

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