Stunna Lorenzana - Hop In & Out The Whip

Stunna Lorenzana

Listen to Hop In & Out The Whip by Stunna Lorenzana on BTRU Entertainment. Stunna Lorenzana ran across our radar today on Soundcloud and we are glad that he did. Despite being new to our radar, Stunna Lorenzana is a polished rapper who has been blazing across the underground community for the last few years. His new song 'Hop In & Out The Whip' showcases how far he has come and in the song Stunna demands he be treated as a veteran and with respect. Teaming up with Mak Cash and producer Joey Sosa on the track proved to be a smart move as the track continues to pick up steam for the creators. You can stream new songs from Stunna Lorenzana by connecting with him on his official Soundcloud page.

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