Stina Ali x Home


Check out Home by Stina Ali on BTRU Entertainment. Stina Ali's new single titled Home is a ballad for the lovers. The R&B sensation demonstrates her angelic tones flawlessly throughout this 3 minute and 50 second journey through love. I think this song serves as a good indicator of the type of direction you could expect Stina to move in creatively as we prepare to close out 2016. She has a very unique tone of voice that makes her the perfect hybrid between mainstream (popular) sound and more soulful R&B style music. Nonetheless, only a hater would neglect Stina's talent and artistic ability and I would not be surprised if you start to hear her name a lot more as we cross over into the new year.  For more Stina Ali content, follow her on SoundCloud.

Braxton Harshawpop, rnb/soul