Ryan Noble - WILD

Ryan Noble

Listen to Wild by Ryan Noble on BTRU Entertainment! For as long as anyone can remember, the phrase "the early bird gets the worm" always stood tall and strong. For 17 year old Ryan Noble, aka RN, of St. Louis, Missouri, that statement couldn't be more true. He knew that he had an artistic passion all of his life, but at the tender age of 14, he kicked his talents into high gear. He began to teach himself to play the piano and drums, and also began to engineer and produce using Ableton 9. All of his knowledge and hard work really begins to show in his latest track, entitled WILD. Starting with the isolated vocals of Troye Sivan from a track of the same name, RN began to bring together his own magical remix. The result culminated a chilling, yet energetic piece that will sit on favorites playlists everywhere. Connect with this artist and stream more from them on SoundCloud.

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