RubenJesse - I Love You

Check out I Love You by RubenJesse Flores on BTRU Entertainment. RubenJesse is a musician based out of Palm Springs, California. Writing and performing all of his own music, he handles the production process of his songs from the music/lyric writing, to the performing, to the producing/recording/mixing/mastering. With chops not only in the pop realm, RubenJesse composes in many genres of music including the Classical and Jazz idioms. RubenJesse enjoys performing for a variety of audiences. In fluently speaking Spanish, Italian, French and German in addition to English, he often performs songs for various cultural events in the community and translates his own music to reach a wider audience. RubenJesse is a budding musician in today's music scene, and is constantly working towards establishing his brand. His new song is about the nerves that kick in before telling the person you love that you love them. It describes the feeling of having so much to say, but being unsure if you will be able to express what you are feeling. After saying the magic "I Love You," the song describes how different and bright everything appears. The song captures the myriad of feelings encountered before telling that special someone the most important phrase found in a relationship. You can hear more by connecting with RubenJesse on his official YouTube page.

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