Pawnee Ro3 - I'm Tellin' You (Official Music Video)

Just under a week ago from the date of this post the rapper known as Ro3 released the first official music video for a single from his mixtape 'New Creature'. The song serves as a spiritual testament to what God has done personally in the life of Robert Ankney a.k.a (Ro3). If you haven't heard the entire mixtape 'New Creature' we encourage you to get familiar with the project and then come back and check out the video for 'I'm Tellin You'. It will give you so much more insight and appreciation for the grind of this young artist and what fuels his passions. He gives all glory to his Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ. Expect to see some big things in store for this artist & check out his music now while most of it is free for download or streaming.