RBE Slick P - Bag On Me [SINGLE]


RBE Slick P isn't shy about keeping the 'Bag On Me', and shares what life is like for a young artist focused on the money. RBE Slick P is an Atlanta native who has been making a name for himself by sharing his best sounds on popular music streaming platforms like Soundcloud for free listening. We first discovered this artist when we ran across a popular hip hop single from the artist titled 'Every Night'. The song was a great introduction to his sound and it was our first introduction to his story of late night hustling to make ends meet leading up to some successes with 'Bag On Me'. This artist has been building his discography over the past year and continues to feed hip hop music fans with clever hooks and songs they can bop to. You can stream new songs as he shares them by connecting with RBE Slick P on SoundCloud.

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