[Crew of Goons] Noble - Return On Investment

Noble Return On Investment

Take a listen to Return On Investment by Noble from Crew of Goons on BTRU Entertainment. Crew of Goons is a young hip hop and R&B collective consisting of 5 diverse artists that collaborate strategically to provide an intricately creative yet original sound. All artists are based out of Baytown, Texas and include: 

  • Ian Fayle (Young ZIF)
  • Jacob DelCampo (Buddha Beast)
  • Chase Brown (Chifu)
  • Andrew Bieber (Noble)
  • Steven Johnson (Nucky Chulo)

According to the crew: the whole objective of the song Return on Investment is to demonstrate that we put in work on a consistent basis and will inevitably see the results of our ethic and dedication. During the writing process of the song lots of controversy surfaced concerning police brutality. This was weighing heavy on me after watching multiple videos and I unintentionally began to write about it. I believe that the root of almost all of this controversy is when people begin to generalize. Some cops were generalizing African Americans and treating them differently. Others were generalizing officers and casting hatred toward them. Every case is different and every person is different nothing justifies the obvious acts of police brutality and nothing justifies the retaliation on officers. The second half of the song was designed to promote a positive message of love for everybody! 

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