Nay Shabex - Tekkal Rom (2016)

Nayel Shabex

Former Towson University student, Nayel Shabex shares his latest single titled Tekkal Rom on BTRU Entertainment. Nayel Shabex is a 21 year old rapper based in Edgewater, Maryland making a name for himself with his original sound. Today happens to be a special day because it's the first time Nayel Shabex aka Nay has shared a single online in over 8 months. After taking a break from recording, Nayel Shabex has returned with his most epic track yet in Tekkal Rom that boasts thoughtful lyrics and edgy wordplay on smooth production. Nayel Shabex continues to prove himself as an artist to be reckoned with and his new single adds to his latest discography of online hits. You can stream new music from Nayel Shabex on Soundcloud.

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