Moose - Opposites


Listen to Opposites by Moose on BTRU Entertainment. Have you ever heard the phrase "opposites attract"? There cannot be a more perfect example of this term than Opposites by upcoming producer Moose. Even though you may not have heard of Moose, you will soon be begging for more after you get a small sample of what he can actually do. Like many, Moose is a man who loves to be the life of a party, but can also at times be hindered by his dark side. But they coexist perfectly, because as stated before, opposites attract. Which inspired Moose to cook up this amazingly delicious track called Opposites. The song where dark and light meet to create magic. And everything from the bass drops to the soothing slow claps will have you addicted to this song from start to finish. Connect with this artist and check out more on SoundCloud.

Vinny Hughesdance