Mahir Can Kucuk - Urfanın Etrafı Dumanlı Dağlar

Mahir Can Kucuk

Check out a new song by Mahir Can Kucuk called Urfanin Etrafi Dumanli Daglar on BTRU Entertainment. Mahir Can Küçük was born in Denizli, Turkey. After receiving a degree in industrial design, he began his studies at Berklee, studying contemporary writing and production. It's not difficult to see where the passion and precision comes from in his new single which takes you on a journey through Turkish roots and soulful vocals. Mahir Can Kucuk is a new singer/songwriter on our radar and we encourage you guys to start getting familiar with the Turkish singer. Besides being a writer, arranger and producer, Küçük is a vocalist who features Western contemporary music, Turkish classical, traditional, and contemporary music in his repertoire. He is able to sing microtonally, with knowledge of Turkish and Egyptian microtonal tradition. He plays bağlama, bass guitar, piano, guitar, and hand percussion. You can stream new songs from Mahir Can Kucuk by connecting with him on Soundcloud.

Artist Soundsworld, experimental