LoopDLoopKids - Let Me Dream


Listen to Let Me Dream by LoopDLoopKids on BTRU Entertainment! More and more artists are using their influence through music to inspire instead of invoke negativity. Rosedale, New York group LoopDLoopKids is a huge testament of putting the power of music to work for the greater good. Tyshaon Wyatt (of LoopDLoopKids) is a music pioneer with a long history of music production. He has produced background music for; E News Daily, Fashion Police, The real Housewives of Miami, Hollywood Cycles, and many more. He studied the art of music, sound designing and movie scoring. He mastered the world of music at a young age. Rachel Wyatt (of LoopDLoopKids) is an author of the children's book "A World Inside My Bubble". Rachel is a writer and has been writing at a very young age. She too has a gift and love for music. Together they continue to inspire children everywhere through innovative sounds that have proven itself to be an uplifting piece to the puzzle of motivational music.

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