LGP Music - G.I.V.E

LGP Music

Listen to G.I.V.E. by LGP Music on BTRU Entertainment! LGP Music is a group that is here to show why they are the kings of the jungle; (that is the rap game). They possess a unique style that is sure to catch the ears of many hip hop enthusiasts. Their song G.I.V.E. has all of the elements of a hit. The beat is a slowed version of the hit song Stainless by Logic. It is sure to be loved by everyone who hears it. Plus the tag team of hard hitting verses from the group will really keep you captivated. LGP Music shows us that they had a story to tell and dreams to transform it into reality. They plan on doing both through the power of hip hop. Connect with this amazing group and stream more from them on SoundCloud.

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