LE - Call It Love


Listen to Call It Love by LE on BTRU Entertainment. Call it love is a powerful song about two lovers who truly have a love & passion for each other. The first verse explores the moment when the two don't exactly see eye to eye, and get into a disagreement. People on the outside may sometimes get the feeling or come to the conclusion that things are off in the relationship, but the writer is simply trying to convey that it may look crazy sometimes on the OUTSIDE, but that's just normal and natural and comes with the territory. You can call it one thing, we just call it Love. As it goes to the second verse, you notice the lyrics are almost identical, with just a few twists that becomes very sexual. Again, on the outside you may "hear" things or make assumptions, but no matter what the neighbors or anyone else says, WE just call it love. 

Braxton Harshawrnb/soul