Kengne - Song Lovers


Listen to Song Lovers by Kengne on BTRU Entertainment. Kengne ran across our radar today and after discovering his music on Soundcloud, we are glad that he did. Kengne is a talented singer/songwriter currently based in Cameroon who has been taking the observations of his life and compiling them in to joyful and up-lifting world/folk songs. His latest single 'Song Lovers' was featured from his first EP called 'Take Up Your Way' which was released in 2016. Kengne originally discovered his love for music after graduating from primary school and taking up boiler-making. It was when he started writing down his daily observations in small notes to himself that he decided to compile them into song format. Since then, Kengne hasn't looked back and has even decided to push his music out to the United States using popular music streaming platforms like Soundcloud for 'free listening'. You can stream his new songs there as well.

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