Kallaway - Cool Cool


Listen to Cool Cool by Kallaway on BTRU Entertainment! Explosive and high octane hip hop artist Kallaway will make you feel exciting emotions you have yet to feel in your life, and move in ways you never imagined possible. This glowing individual will have you ecstatic and full of energetic tendencies while you carry out your day. His rapturous personality can be witnessed first hand in his popular new track Cool Cool. The style showcased in this track is exuberant and extreme, and you can't help but be addicted to it. Cool Cool is a breathing testament to Kallaway's exciting nature. This is a true artist not worried about following a trend or being in the spotlight. his man goal is to progress the ever changing culture of music, or as he himself would put it, he just wants to be Cool Cool. You can connect with this artist and stream more hits from them on SoundCloud.

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