Jimmy La-Mer - Zone (Music Video)

Watch the Zone (Official Video) by Jimmy La-Mer on BTRU Entertainment! Fort Lauderdale, Florida hip hop artist Jimmy La-Mer is blazing his way to the top of the music scene to become the next trending artist. All of his tracks turn into instant classics as soon as he drops them, and you can hear him putting a nice spin on his songs. His new exciting song, entitled Zone, just gained itself a music video, and it has received nothing but positive feedback. This video at first glance seems very simplistic, but at a deeper view, the artistic vision of the track video with the already creative essence on the track brings out this brand new vibe that is wildly infectious. With rap being the supreme genre in music today, you will listen to this and definitely see why. Zone is definitely worth a listen and if you would like to connect with this artist or stream more of their tracks, visit YouTube.

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