Jefani - Mouse Maze


Listen to Mouse Maze by Jefani on BTRU Entertainment! House music is booming in a big way in today's music industry. Clubs and concerts wouldn't be the same without this pulse pounding, heart racing genre of music. And to diversify it even more is Buffalo, New York production couple Jefani, with their brand track Mouse Maze. The love for music brought Jefani together in life, and that same love radiates throughout this track. It is one of unique proportions, having a feeling to it that is shared by many, and that feeling is nostalgia. This track will oddly remind you of playing the most memorable level of your favorite classic video Game and bring back all those emotions that you felt while playing it. Mouse Maze also gives you, in a way, a boost of confidence, being untouchably upbeat and infectious, giving you a newfound sense of happiness. This is definitely a song to bring your spirits to an alltime high, so make sure you check it out. Connect with this duo and stream more on SoundCloud.

Vinny Hugheshouse