JaZarMusic - Unwind


Listen to Unwind by JaZarMusic on BTRU Entertainment! Coming from the great city of Detroit, Michigan, 24 year old R&B artist JaZar is making her way and using her talents to be the next big thing in the music industry. With her musical inspirations stemming from Michael Jackson & Aaliyah, to Tina Turner & Mariah Carey, from the very beginning she aspired to be one of the greats. This songwriter is thinking about music 24/7, and her brand new track, Unwind, is a prime example of vivid ideas coming to life. This track is about a couple that spends so much time working, paying the bills and living daily life, that they forget to live life and enjoy the small things. The production in Unwind is stellar, being smooth and ever so slightly seductive so that it keeps you hooked and interested. And her vocal presence give the track the added blessings it deserves. Connect with the artist and stream more from them on SoundCloud

Vinny Hughesrnb/soul