Jay Elle - Commitment Issues

jay elle

Listen to Commitment Issues by Jay Elle on BTRU Entertainment! Sometimes in the music industry, you run into an artist that is so ahead of the game, that they were bound to be successful. Brooklyn, New York native Jay Elle is one of those cutting edge artists. She has all the keys to success and every trait of a classic artist in her field. Her brand new single, Commitment Issues, showcases all of those traits very well, we might add. This song is a tale of relevance, being something that happens every single day to people across the nation. Jay Elle finds herself falling for a person that is not quite ready to commit or settle down, which leads to a roller coaster of emotions displayed on the track. From the booming vocals, all the way down to the calming yet emotional instrumentation, Commitment Issues is a sure fire conversation starter, and a classic in the repertoire of Jay Elle. Connect with this artist and stream more tracks on SoundCloud!

Vinny Hughesrnb/soul