[Review] Jack of all Trades by Infinite Starr

Ran across a few hot new artists today but one we will be covering in particular. A female rapper by the name of Infinite Starr Le Flair is doing some major damage in her most recent mixtape released titled Jack of all Trades: Street Tapes (Vol.1). The tape features voices from comedian JJ Williamson of (Johnson Family Vacation), Zaytoven, DJ Scream and DJ Winn. So this is definitely a quality tape with some impressive talent. Infinite Starr is new to us but not to the rap game, as she continues to make a name for herself releasing new mixtapes and giving fans some eye candy. One of our favorite tracks from the mixtape which is available for free streaming on Spinrilla was '25 Lighters On The Dresser' which reminded us of a Lil Boosie type flavor and definitely makes for some good cruising through the city music. Don't take our word for it, head over to Spinrilla and check out the full mixtape here.

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