All Right by Hitman Da Hitmaker


Stream All Right by Hitman Da Hitmaker on BTRU Entertainment. Hitman Da Hitmaker is a Hip-Hop artist residing in Atlanta, Georgia. His new song titled All Right is a trap-esque, 808 driven banger that serves as perfect "ride through the city music". It's got an 808 bounce to it that makes you want to bop and have a good time and also features a groovy bass line that gives it a kind of laid back element as well if that's more your vibe. The production for this record was provide by GoldenChyld. Hitman also does a good job of incorporating a catchy hook to go along with the hard hitting instrumental perfectly which provides the perfect contrast for making this record a definite repeater. For more Hitman Da Hitmaker music, follow his SoundCloud page.

Braxton Harshawhiphop