[Review] GUDDA BOY LIVE - U Turn (2016)


Check out this new song called 'U Turn' by Gudda Boy Live on BTRU Entertainment. Making his debut on to BTRU is a sensational new hip hop recording artist based in Kankakee, IL. It's not often that we are speaking on rap musicians out of Kankakee, Illinois, but today is obviously different and for good reason. Gudda Boy Live takes the cake with his latest hip hop single originally uploaded on Soundcloud for new listeners to discover. After listening to the track it was clear that this was an unfamiliar voice which was a relief considering so many artists are following other mainstream artist sounds. Gudda Boy Live uses his single U Turn to speak out against 'police brutality' and 'injustices' in his own way; stating in the song that if '5'0 pulls a u-turn to pull him over he's gonna hop out and run.' It confirms a mindset that many in black communities or even outside of their communities feel towards the local police. U-Turn is a pleasant depiction through sound and hopefully through visual soon if an official music video follows of the current status of most mindsets of black men towards police. You can stream this song and others by connecting with Gudda Boy Live on Souncloud.

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