Enso-Stranger - Maybelles Flowers


Listen to Maybelles Flowers by Enso-Stranger on BTRU Entertainment! Coming all the way from Orlando, Florida, hip hop artist Enso-Stranger is showing a side of himself that many people can relate to, but often don't express. In life when things, sometimes you don't exactly know the right way to handle it and push through, and Enso-Stranger's new track, Maybelles Flowers, is just his testament to those trying and troubling times. This song is about a young man who took his loved one for granted throughout their entire relationship. His significant other ends up passing away, and the burden of his insensitivity towards their relationship comes back to haunt him. In the story, the girls name is Maybelles and the flowers symbolize the relationship. Even though she has passed away, he continues to water her and keep her alive. This incredibly deep track is one for the ages, so listen with your heart. Connect with this artist and stream more on SoundCloud.

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