Dre Priest - Type of Time (Official Video)

Dre Priest has been on a roll and after taking a break from music, the introspective rapper returns with his latest single 'Type of Time'. Dre Priest is an up and coming hip hop recording artist based in Louisville, KY. Dre Priest rose to the top in 2015 with his controversial song "Black Lives Matter" which after it was premiered to the audience of WorldStarHipHop, he gained a substantial amount of exposure.   'Type of Time' was released Dec, 17th, 2017 on' Small City Big Dreams'. Type of Time is a re-mix from artist Dave East. Dre Priest's re-mix of 'Type of Time' is a tenacious and polished version in which you can still hear his love and raw passion of his music. You can view more by connecting with Dre Priest on YouTube.

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