DK 12 x We Need Love

DK 12

Check out We Need Love by DK 12 on BTRU Entertainment. Dylan Kwitonda a.k.a 'DK 12' was born on December 15, 1994 in an east African country called Rwanda. He grew up listening to all types of music but mostly African music since he could understand the words in the songs. At the age of 15 he moved to America with his mother and siblings. His English was very poor at first but over time he began to work harder towards graduation and understanding hip hop music. On his 21st birthday he received a bachelors degree from Arizona State University with honors in biochemistry. Over the course of his college career he learned a lot about himself. In that process, he realized  that he could never be as passionate about anything as much as he is about music. He decided not to attend medical school, and instead focus on learning as much as he could about music. His goal is to be able to make music that can get people through tough times while changing lives. He is very optimistic about the future and can only see himself becoming a better artist and better person, as his passion for music grows. You can stream new songs like 'We Need Love' by DK 12 on Soundcloud.

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