Desmond Collier (DC) - Under The Radar


Listen to Under The Radar by Desmond Collier (DC) on BTRU Entertainment! Coming out of the land of Erie, Pennsylvania, rapper Desmond Collier, aka DC, is proving that he is irreplaceable in this industry. This crazy new artist has a couple of tricks up his sleeve to make an impressive upbringing into the music industry. With the release of his brand new song Under The Radar, his success is looking all too close. Under The Radar is a fairy tale track, for it contains every trace of an Instant classic. This song paints a very vivid mental picture, focusing on the problem that people have being too connected to technology. With it's pitch corrected melodies, stunning lyrics, bass, and hooks, this track was meant to be a prime representation of hip hop for new listeners. Connect with this artist and stream more from him on SoundCloud.