Drunken Master Freestyle by DaRealKush


Stream Drunken Master (Freestyle) by DaRealKush on BTRU Entertainment. DaRealKush is a fresh new Hip-Hop artist currently residing on the east coast; Queens, New York to be specific. DaRealKush delivered a hot new single last week for listeners via SoundCloud titled Drunk Master (Freestyle). This song is a mellow, but still swagged out cut that really highlights the talent he possesses. DaRealKush is a very versatile Hip-Hop artist and his music can either be all about a party and having a good time one day, and then he can turn around and make a song addressing relevant and popular social issues which highlights his more conscious perspectives. For more music by DaRealKush, follow him on SoundCloud.

Braxton Harshawrap