Wanna Get Down by Damon Matik


Check out Wanna Get Down by Damon Matik on BTRU Entertainment. Damon Matik has began buzzing on the indie music radar as of recent through his avid use of popular streaming sites such as SoundCloud and YouTube. Today the 21-year old canadien wordsmith is here to share his newly released single titled Wanna Get Down. This song was released to SoundCloud earlier this month for free streaming. This track is very upbeat and sure to get the positive energy flowing once the infectious hook sets in. Damon Matik comes off on the record as a fearless lyricist who is able to convey all the aspects of his personality on a record through his use of pitch shifting and funny nuances that make this track the perfect addition to kick off your morning on a weekly basis. For more Damon Matik Music, follow him on SoundCloud.

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