Crimson Muzik - In A Nutshell

Crimson Muzik

Check out In A Nutshell by Crimson Muzik (Lee Andes) on BTRU Entertainment. CrimsonMuzik, Lee Andes, is an emerging artist with a lot of potential coming out of the small rural town of Broadway Virginia. His newest mixtape, In A Nutshell, available only on Spinrilla is the chronological journey through the last year of his life. Depicting his real life, including his car being stolen, through intoxicating production with incredibly commanding lyrics. His remarkable ability to relate to his listeners while remaining genuine to his story is uncanny, and the mixing on this project is anything but ‘indie.’ Having performed across the country CrimsonMuzik is focused on building a brand that stands for remaining genuine and diligent to the dreams that possess us all. Several have compared him to the likes of J. Cole in terms of his content and relatable nature; whereas others have labeled him an east coast G-Eazy. Whatever your perception it remains clear that this young artist is unique in all of his approaches to his craft. In A Nutshell is simply the product of recording every single experience and shift in perspective that we all experience in any given year. Among several covers and freestyles you can easily hear the dynamics in CrimsonMuzik’s perspective and attitude towards life. The most intriguing element of this mixtape is that every track has been put in chronological order to when it was recorded throughout 2015/2016 which gives the listener a genuine glimpse into the changes this young emcee went through during a very volatile year. The song Let’s Talk About It depicts the tension he carries about leaving his hometown in regards to relationships he feels have been abandoned or mistreated, even referring to best friends by name. The eerie, alluring, instrumental is perfect for drawing the listener in to connect with what he’s saying on a personal level. The cover to the hip hop classic, 93 til infinity, ’93 til Never’ is a mixture of some braggadocios yet intricate rhyme schemes among some incredibly creative subject matter; in it CrimsonMuzik predicts his involvement in the career of a close friend ‘Emrich’ would actually pan out to affect the emcee’s net worth! Written last June, it was 2 weeks ago when Emrich texted CrimsonMuzik to tell him that he was making more money through music NOW than ever before and that his life had ‘truly been changed.’ 

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