Cool Truth Podcast - Episode 5: 8/20


Listen to Episode 5: 8/20 of the Cool Truth Podcast on BTRU Entertainment! Podcasts are all the new craze on the internet. And as far as the informative hip hop scene, The Cool Truth Podcast, created by 29 year old songwriter CoolStory Joe out of North Carolina, is the podcast to listen to. This podcast series is not like the rest of them, because this one gets more personal and interactive with the listeners, which can make for a very pleasing podcast listening experience. The Cool Truth Podcast will have you truly invested in what they have to say about current events and events in their life. By styling their dialogue from being serious to also showing a comedic side, they've definitely tailored this podcast to be one of a kind. Connect and stream more episodes of the Cool Truth Podcast now on SoundCloud.

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