Cizzle Money Addict leaks 'Hit It Up'

Hit It Up Cizzle Money Addict

In preparation of 'Black Pope 3' Cizzle Money Addict leaked 'Hit It Up.' We discovered the song on Juss Russ Radio and had to recommend it to our listeners. Cizzle Money Addict is a trap recording artist hailing out of Louisville, Kentucky looking to make a name for himself. Cizzle has been hard at work on his debut project 'Black Pope 3' after being released from prison late in 2015. Since his release Cizzle has simply annihilated popular mainstream tracks by Drake, O.T Genasis and Wiz Khalifa just to name a few. You can stream these tracks on the official Soundcloud page for Cizzle Money Addict. After catching a moment with Cizzle he stated that the project would be releasing during "Derby," also known as the "Kentucky Derby," which is a popular event back in his hometown. Until then you can catch a pre-order or free download of "Hit It Up," and 'Black Pope 3' on the official Cizzle Money Addict music website. 

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