Chase Heinze - FUFN


Have a listen to FUFN by Chase Heinze on BTRU Entertainment! Music is an industry that tests a persons will to succeed and their drive to better the life that they live. Many fall short of success due to numerous reasons, but ultimately, they fail to regain will power after many obstacles. But Santa Ana, California native & singer Chase Heinze is not one to bow out of any fight that he encounters. This amazing artist has been through the worst of the worst, from seeing his parents get divorced while he was just a young boy, to seeing his brother going in and out of the penitentiary, to being kicked from his mothers house at age 18, and so much more. But instead of resorting to a street life, or some other life that was not meant for him, this talented individual turned to music as his release from it all. He started at the age of 13, writing poetry and taking after what he believes to be his mothers natural talents because she also wrote poetry. A few years later he began to record vocals and engineer on Garageband. Fast forward to the present day, Chase is no stranger to the music industry. He brings to us his current masterpiece, which he has entitled FUFN, an acronym for F*cked Up For Now. When a situation isn't quite working in your favor or you encounter certain obstacles, it may temporarily be FUFN. And even though the topics Chase touches on in the song are very serious and strong ones, this is also a song that can double as one that will boost your spirits about a situation. This song, and more importantly this artist, are sure to grow into classics and legends. Connect with Chase Heinze and stream more music from him on platforms such as Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more.

Vinny Hughesrnb/soul