Cameron Papa - Tru Luv

Cameron Papa

Take a listen to Tru Luv by Cameron Papa on BTRU Entertainment! Cameron Papa is a 19 year old Dance Producer from El Paso, Texas. Having come from the lower income side of town, Cameron was determined to make a name for himself. At just 16 years he already was well on the way with 7 singles, 1 - EP and a new release with over 2400 plays. Now 19 he is still very much a top contender in his field. Using the free streaming resources to gain followers, his latest release Tru Luv is making great strides. The song is about a girl whom he felt was his best friend, his happiness, his everything; but left him feeling hurt, alone and confused. This song was a way for Cameron to get his feeling out. Connect with him on Soundcloud to be in the know with his latest projects.

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