B-WYATT -- Another One [REVIEW]

B-Wyatt Another One

Check out this new song from B-Wyatt titled Another One on BTRU Entertainment. B-Wyatt recently made his debut on to BTRU with his latest release in over six months. Originally sharing his single on Soundcloud, rapper B-Wyatt has been using the platform for the last three years sharing his latest concepts and ideas for new listeners to discover. For those of you who aren't familiar with the artist, B-Wyatt (Brandon Wyatt) is a hip hop artist based in Camden, New Jersey. Besides writing his own music and performing across his hometown, B-Wyatt has been honing his skills in production and adds to his discography credits with his assistance on the production of the song 'Another One.' The song boasts smooth vibes and takes the listener on a ride around town with Brandon Wyatt at the wheel. Brandon takes you on a trip and through words showcases what its like to be an up and coming rapper in todays rap game. You can stream new songs like 'Another One' by B-Wyatt on Soundcloud.