BRXTN dropped a new record... (Wicked)

BRXTN dropped a new record called 'Wicked' and it is a certified banger. BRXTN has been making tons of noise since his debut in early 2016 and he hasn't let up off the gas. His new single is a euphoric club record that doesn't come often from BRXTN who typically displays his creativity through introspective records. He actually made an entire introspective ep titled 'For Now' which is available for streaming virtually any and everywhere and he is just racking up streams. It seems like he has been making all the right moves and just when we though he might go out silent for the rest of the year (kicking back on his Fall Flavors EP) he blessed us with a hot new track. Talk about a great work ethic! We really think 'Wicked' was well timed and showcases a great new side of BRXTN that should solidify any worries of 'can he make a club/radio record'. For those of you who enjoyed songs like Broadway, 502, Can't Stop It, Work and Wake Em' Up' will love this new addition 'Wicked'. Stay tuned for new releases and where to download this song upon availability on the official BRXTN website.