BRXTN - Wake Em Up (Shot by Roman Lane Visuals)

BRXTN dropped some dope visuals for his single 'Wake Em Up' from the Fall Flavors EP. If your not familiar with the EP I highly encourage you to stop what your doing (of course after you watch the video) and download the Spinrilla app and bump that. Its a 4 track project and showcases a different perspective from the artists and even what you might have heard in the For Now EP. BRXTN continues to push boundaries with his sound and despite what anyone may say because of the city he lives in (Louisville, KY) he coined his own sound and does it from the heart. He actually doesn't even do it for the fame or the glory but to tell a college student from a small towns story. I mean think about how relevant this is. You never hear from the guys in the small towns. Its always Los Angeles this, New York that, and Texas. What about Chicapanna, NV or something lol. Anyways, BRXTN is a very polished artist and its always a joy to keep up with his work because its always relevant and your always glad you took the time to listen.

Artist Soundshiphop, trapsoul, rap