BRXTN - Reasons (RnBass)


Brxtn released some new RnBass on Soundcloud not to long ago and BTRU has the scoop. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term 'RnBass', it was coined by producer J Maine and is a movement and contemporary music genre that is the modernized form of traditional R&B music. Described by Vibe (magazine) as a breath of fresh air for the R&B genre, RnBass consists of tonal singing, melodic harmonies, along with heavy 808's that replace the 'blues' aspect of rhythm and blues. With the pressures of music, work and school (Braxton) the man behind it all, needed some release. After getting the blessing from his mother to pursue his dreams, Brxtn booked a studio session with the RnBass Studios and made his flight to Hollywood, California where he made his debut. After spending just 48 hours in LA, Brxtn recorded a 7 track project and in promotion for its release, he brought us 'Reasons'. You can stream this song on top streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music & Google Play and get the mp3 download on the official music website for Brxtn here.

Artist Soundsrnb/soul