Brock - Hide It


Listen to Hide It by Brock on BTRU Entertainment. Brock Westover a.k.a 'Brock', ran across our radar today on Soundcloud and we are glad that he did. Hailing out of Mississippi but based in Los Angeles, Brock has been quietly perfecting his craft over the years and recently decided he was ready to break that silence and figure out what all the dedication is really worth. For those who know him personally, music has always been a passion of his and his love for electro-pop and contemporary pop began at the young age of 13. Since then Brock has been elevating his sound and it started quite naturally for him considering he started in his apartment. His new song was produced and recorded by him and despite sounding like a happy go lucky song, if you tune in to the lyrics you will hear a little despair and for the most part the opposite of happy. You can stream new songs like 'Hide It' by Brock when you connect with him on Soundcloud.

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