5 Reasons Why You Need To Hear "Stay" by Azia Adelle

Stay Azia Adelle

After discovering this fresh young rising R&B star on Artist Sounds we have simply fallen in love with Azia Adelle's abilities. Not only has Azia been named the next rising female indie r&b artist, but she has an unbelievable talent for writing music that is relatable to listeners of all ages. Check out these five reasons why you need to hear Stay by Azia Adelle and start getting familiar with the rest of her music as well on Soundcloud.

  1. If you ever met someone that you simply can't let go this is for you.
  2. If you enjoy music that has emotion and tells a story this song is for you.
  3. If you enjoy female urban contemporary r&b you will love this song.
  4. If you like singers that can hit high notes and falsettos this is for you.
  5. If you enjoy a smooth beat, meaningful words and songs that make you think of bae this is for you.
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