Ay_P - Promise Land


Listen to Promise Land by Ay_P on BTRU Entertainment! 21 year old hip hop lyricist Ay_P is not one to slack off in the rap scene and make a mediocre track. Even with only a total of 3 tracks under his belt, all of his tracks radiate excellence. But this Tampa, Florida artists new track, that is entitled Promise Land, is certainly the pinnacle track in his collection thus far. He is making strides to be the best artist in the hip hop genre, and with the track Promise Land, he can certainly be added to the argument. The lyrical ability of Ay_P is completely insane. The delivery is flawless and perfectly in sync with the production by TroohHippi. Ay_P throws all the marbles on the table and delivers an incredibly refreshing masterpiece. Connects and stream more on SoundCloud.

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