Alliance Of Lionz - Mindset

Watch the music video called Mindset by Alliance Of Lionz on BTRU Entertainment. The Alliance of Lionz ran across our radar today on YouTube and we are glad they did. For those of you who aren't already familiar with the Alliance of Lionz (AOL), they are an American hip hop group that consists of two rappers who also happen to be brothers. Making music together and getting their styles from very different personas has given the Alliance of Lionz a unique sound that would be pretty hard to match or imitate. Their sound has a true hip hop vibe and the crew actually looks to bring what they feel 'real hip hop is' back to mainstream. As they continue their mission, dropping dope singles like 'Mindset' will certainly help pave the way to that becoming a reality. You can stay up to date and watch new music videos as they share them via YouTube.

Artist Soundshiphop