A Cure For Wellness (Mixtape) 2017

A Cure For Wellness Mixtape (Front Cover)

BTRU Entertainment follows up their successful mixtape debut "What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky," with a highly anticipated mixtape titled "A Cure For Wellness". The name of the mixtape serves as an analogy to how one might assume that the characteristics of someone who isn't well (is one who chooses to give up on their passions). Hence, the cure for wellness (BTRU Entertainment believes) would be the opposite which is following your dreams, protecting your heart and staying true to your passions simultaneously. This mixtape serves a purpose of encouraging other like-minded individuals to follow their own unique goals leading to the one true cure for wellness. 

BTRU Entertainment is an interim management initiative built to prepare and connect elite emerging artists, creators and entertainment related brands to major music opportunities. Coined in 2007 by two teenage entrepreneurs; since their coming of age the vision has evolved in to a network designed to be the engine throughout the careers of our partners, affiliates, creators and sponsors. We take pride in not only being a link between emerging creators and the music industry, but our staff are passionate, focused and some of the hardest working individuals in their fields making us a key element for our creators success in the entertainment industry. From expert photographers to producers, models and musical artists - we make it easy to bring a complete creative vision to life. Developing talent is our forte.


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